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What is Pre Tenancy Cleaning Slough?

Landlord Cleaning:

If you are a landlord, Letting your property can be a big step and with the hussle and bussle of finding the right tenant that will treat your property the way you do, some of us can often overlook one crucial step. This is making your property look spotless for your viewings.

This is an important step because a spotless property can attract a greater number of potential tenants and in some cases can even lead to you being able to charge a higher rent.

In addition to this, most tenants expect that a property is cleaned to the highest standard before moving in, which can cause landlords the distress of finding professional cleaners that can provide this service. Luckily, end of tenancy cleaning slough has vast experience in dealing with pre-tenancy cleans and can guarantee the highest quality cleaning service for your property!

End of Tenancy Cleaning

What is difference between regular general house cleaning and end of tenancy/Pre tenancy cleaning?

A regular cleaning service is designed to keep your home clean throughout the year and should be performed at regular intervals. A pre-tenancy cleaning service is designed for landlords or individuals wishing to sublet their property. It involves a thorough clean before potential tenants move in or view the property. Done right, in some cases this can even help boost the price at which you can let your property!

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What is included in our Pre Tenancy Cleaning Service in Slough?

Pre tenancy Bedrooms cleaning Slough
Cleaning the dirt off every piece of Furniture Scrubbing & cleaning the Mirrors Cleaning the wardrobes Cleaning any kind of picture frames and decorative glass Cleaning the dirt, dust & stains off the internal windows Cleaning the doors (frames, sides) and skirting Dusting off the light fixtures and fittings (remove any oily or dirty fingerprints) cobwebs removed efficiently Hovering your carpets Moping & cleaning the hardwood floor
Pre tenancy Bath rooms cleaning Slough
Cleaning shower cabin Cleaning the bathtub Disinfecting the toilets Descaling sink and taps Scrub the tiles Scrub the mirrors Clean the extractor fan Clean all the light fixtures and fittings Clean all the visible pipes and plumbing Internal windows Doors, and Skirting Clean all the fixtures & faucets Cobwebs removed
Pre tenancy kitchen cleaning Slough
Clean all the work surfaces Clean the inside & outside of oven, refrigerator & other kitchen appliances Clean the cupboards Removing the stains off the hobs, burner & knobs Clean the fixtures Internal windows Clean the doors, and skirting Descale the sink and taps Remove the garbage from the bins Clean the counter Removing the greasy prints from the light fixtures and fittings Cobwebs removed Hard flooring cleaned
Pre tenancy Staircase/Hallways cleaning Slough
Cleaning the woodwork Clean the Mirrors Dusting the picture frames & hangings Cleaning the hand railing & stairs Internal windows Cleaning & polishing the Doors and skirting Cleaning & dusting the light fixtures and fittings Cobwebs removed Carpeted area hovered and hard flooring cleaned

How to book Pre tenancy cleaning Slough ?

Simply Call Slough Pre tenancy cleaning Experts on 07848918991 or fill in the form and we will book this for you.

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We are an established cleaning company in slough with 12 years of experience in deep cleaning in Slough. We work with all major estate agents in Slough and Reading.


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